How we work

This page outlines how we breathe life into your concepts with a blend of precision and creativity. Explore how we transform concepts into practical, engaging digital solutions.

Following Proven Processes

We test our ideas in small-scale experiments, gathering data and feedback along the way. We analyze the results, refine our approach, and repeat the process.

A graphic metaphor for teach to learn

Dignifying Time

We pay for everything with two currencies: Time and Energy. We avoid unnecessary meetings. Use Q4 planning and communication. We respect your time.

A graphic metaphor for teach to learn

What to expect

  1. 1.
    Planning Phase

    Your Business Vision Call

    At the very start you arrange a quick 15 minute screening call with us, where we discover your vision and decide whether our skills match your needs.

  2. 2.
    Planning Phase


    We sign a SLA (Service Level Agreement). During this step we may schedule additinal calls. We are a high-trust company, and we strive to extend that trust to new clients. Our agreements are designed to rapidly fuel high-trust relationships.

  3. 3.
    Planning Phase

    Development Planning Call

    We know we are working together! Yet we need to set up communication channels (who is in charge) and agree on a development lifecycle.

  4. 4.
    Development Phase

    Development Lifecycle

    We follow the aggreed upon development lifecycle working closely with you to meet all your needs.

  5. 5.
    Upkeep/Scaling Phase

    Lifetime maintenance

    98% of our clients hire us to take care of the creation we have developed together. And when the time comes to scale the product, we are ready!

Work with us

In need of web developement, UI or UX Design or Business Processes?

Send us an email

Or, schedule a meeting with our founder Michael, he personally talks with all our clients. Prepare for warm yet very precise communication. Be ready to share your vision.